screen printing for artists

 How we calculate our fees...

  For collaborative/editioning services our fees are calculated using the following criteria:-
  • Preparation of artwork
  • Set-up, preparation and clean down.
  • Materials.
  • Studio time.

  Each job varies greatly depending on the specifics of an edition. If you are interested in making a print with us, the following information would be useful in order to give you some idea of cost. 
  • Paper type
  • Paper size
  • Image size
  • Number of colours
  • Edition number

  We do not charge for consultations or meetings held at the studio. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we could help you and to view our studio, please e-mail or phone us to arrange a time. 

Cut Editions Price List

(Jan 2023)

Preparing a screen including one stencil.

  • Coating screen with light sensitive emulsion
  • Exposing the screen on UV lightbox
  • Processing the screen  
  •  Setting up screen, masking out, registration and proofing
  •  Cleaning down after print run
  •  Stencil removal at end of job


NB – the price of preparing a screen includes one stencil. If there is more than one stencil on a screen, there is an additional charge of £5.00 for each one.

So, if there are 2 stencils on one screen the screen prep cost will be £40.00 + £5 = £45.00 This is because each stencil has to go through the whole process of masking up, registration, proofing and cleaning down. 

Printing, editioning and materials



Studio hire charge - £15.00 per hour                                                

Other Charges -

 There are additional charges for any work and materials that Cut Editions does or supplies on behalf of the artist.

 For example –

                     Preparing paper / cutting and trimming

                     Proofing and editioning


                     Artwork transparencies

                     Any materials not supplied by artist

                     Cleaning down




There will be a member of Cut Editions staff present at all times to help, assist and advise for which there is no charge.

All screens and paper required will be prepared by Cut Editions in advance and be ready for use on the studio hire  day.

It should be possible, in most cases, to print up to 4 colours, on a reasonably small edition in a day (6 hours).

Cut Editions Payment Options

These payment options only apply to studio hire, collaborations and editioning. We would prefer settlement of any bill within 3 months.

There are several ways you can pay your bill at Cut Editions –

1) Pay it in its entirety when you have completed the project.

2) Pay ½ upon completion and the balance over an agreed period – no more

     than 3 months.

3) Pay your bill in equal instalments over 3 months – the first instalment to be

    paid on completion of your project.

4) If your project is likely to take a long time to complete (say several months), we can arrange a set monthly instalment based on the estimated final bill and you can pay the balance on completion of your project.


We accept payments by card and BACS