screen printing for artists

The best way to learn to print is to make a print!!!

Cut Editions offers screen printing courses and workshops aimed at beginners and the more experienced print-maker. Classes are small and designed to be enjoyable and affordable. 

Introductory course - a four hour course which is a basic introduction to the screen printing process. Each participant will make a print working from an image of their choice. Course fee - £50. 

Course structure - 

  • Brief overview of equipment
  • Looking at examples of prints
  • Making artwork onto transparencies
  • Coating screens
  • Exposing artwork 
  • Washout / fix
  • Proofing the print
  • Printing 
  • Clean down

During the course we will also explain about different paper types, mixing ink, making artwork using other techniques, over printing, printing to edge, multi coloured prints and making editions.                               

Intermediate course - a six hour course which builds on the previous introductory course. It will give participants the opportunity to work with multi colour and over printing techniques to produce a final print. Course fee - £80. 


Workshops - After the introductory course, sessions can take the form of workshops where artists will make work with as much or as little help and technical guidance as required. Our charges are £40.00 for half a day and £80.00 for a whole day (£10.00 per hour) plus any work and materials that Cut Editions does on behalf of the artist. For example - screen and paper preparation, proofing, materials not supplied by artist, cleaning down. (see CE price list for details)

Note - No previous print-making experience is needed. Many artists simply work with us in a collaborative way to produce their work. 

For more details and information please ring 07786 330023

Cut Editions works in association with Tower Street Print Project in Ipswich - who specialise in other traditional print making techniques including lino cut, woodblock and dry point etching.